Java Advance

Session1  : JDK, JRE, Environment variables, Using command line to compile Java
                source files, .class files, javac compiler, Eclipse environment, Sorting
                sources accoring to packages, Folder hierarchy behind the packages, .jar
                files, Using other jar files, Review on application architecture,
                Exact definition for J2SE and J2EE frameworks, Review on Object Oriented,
                Review on inheritance

Session2  : Polymorphism, Abstraction, Overriding a behavior, SenderTask example

Session3  : Interfaces and single inheritance, Downloader example, Dependency Injection,
                Introduction to Context Managers, Java bean, Spring and IoC, Application
                analysis using interfaces, SOA and interfaces

Session4  : Exception handling, Policies regarding different types of exceptions,
                Exception class, Working with text files, package, Sequential and
                random files, Object serialization, CommandLineEmulator example

Session5  : Collections, Lists, Queues, Stacks, Multithreading, Thread lifecycle,
                Runnable interface, Thread synchronization, Wait-Notify, synchronized keyword
                Generic types

Session6  : javax.* package and classes, Swing classes and javax.swing package, JFrame,
                JLabel, JButton, Container, Event handling, Handling keyboard and mouse
                events, Multithreaded Swing applications

Session7  : Reflection concept, Class class, What is an annotation?, Making annotations,
                XML format, Working with XML parsers, DOM SAX and JDOM frameworks, Making xml
                config files, JFileChooser swing control, SimpleContextManager example

Session8  : Introduction to databases, Protocol stack for accessing a database, SQL
                standard, Relational databases, JDBC Framework, DriverManager class,
                JDBC Driver, JDBC drivers  for MySQL-Access-SQL Server, JTable and JTableModel
                from swing package, JTree control

Session9  : What is network programming?, OSI model and Internet Protocol Suite model,
                Frame, Ethernet, IPv4, ARP, UDP, TCP, Application layer protocols, A network
                programmer should know the networking very well, What is Socket Programming?,
       package, Why do we need Socket Programming?, Streams and Datagrams,
                Client-server chatting system example

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